These are the principles and values that guide the activities and operations of ADE. It’s the way we work and the standards we aspire to.

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    Ask Questions

    We constantly need knowledge to fuel our thought process. That’s how we innovate. Research is always a great start. We need to understand. This means we must always analyse, listen, and think critically. We take answers from wherever they may come.

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    Stay Hungry and Brave

    We don’t believe in enough. There’s always more. Our passion is our permission. We love a challenge, and get excited by new opportunities that allow us to grow our expertise.

    We reject excuses and instead commit everything we have to the game. Every brief is an opportunity to be awesome.

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    Have Fun Always

    Consistently stay enthusiastic through the work process. We are equally committed to making the work with our clients fun and sometimes informal. Afterwards, digital is fun.

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    Be Fair and Honest

    We embrace this with our colleagues, clients, partner agencies, people we want to work with. Integrity is critical.

    We believe that honest and transparency enable brands to participate in communities more effectively, build trust, and ultimately help build better products, services and experiences.

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    Work Together

    There’s no ‘one-man’. We embrace the power of ‘we’. In every project; we engage the power in our people through ideation to development to execution.

    Quite importantly. We partner with competition. Working together to build a thriving tech industry in Nigeria.

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    Don’t Conform

    Conformity isn’t in our corporate DNA. No templates. We forbid them in all our web projects. We try challenge preconceived notions to achieve the “right” solution, and push the envelope; in spite of obstacles or politics.

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    Be Intelligent

    “Who gave you that fact?”, “Can you show us a proof? Our projects are led by rational strategies, which we seek to explain clearly without hyperbole.

    Clients and users will sense even that which they cannot see. Intelligence is focusing and navigating through the details.

    “When we reach out to an influencer or blogger we will always be clear about who we are and who we represent. We engage and BRAG responsibly

Core Values

Innovation and Creativity

Transparency and Integrity

Fun and enthusiasm

Empathy and Fairness

People and Teamwork

Growth (Knowledge) and Performance (Result Oriented)