Quickteller Paypoint



Campaign Type

Thematic Campaign



Quickteller is a platform that offers the most convenient way to buy airtime, make payments, send and receive money with the ‘ATM’ card.


To increase followership and engagements for the Quickteller brand across all social platforms while driving loads of transactions to the Quickteller page.

Target Audience

The upwardly and mobile-savvy young individuals, professionals and corporate elites that chooses convenience, comfort and speed as a way of life; those ones that want transactions done at the click of a button.

The Creative Process

For every campaign handled by the agency, a brainstorming session was held to craft the best ideas and strategy that would help deliver on the campaign KPIs. The right channels and action plans are also determined during this session.

Strategy and Tools

The strategy deployed for the campaign was a series of digital action plans focused at achieving the campaign objectives through the deployment of targeted ads placement, action driven video promotional and social media engaging content. Marketing tools used to drive these strategies include Google Display Ads, YouTube Ads, Creative Social Posts, Twitter Ads, Facebook ads, ads on premium sites and strategic use of social influencers. Creative blog posts content for the promotion of campaign videos and promoted on strategic blogs proved very effective.


This campaign was primarily designed to increase brand awareness and visibility for Quickteller and also to achieve increase followership across social media platforms with the goal of driving transaction to Quickteller.com.

The campaign success was measured through engagement metrics such as impressions, click-through rates, social followership growth and overall audience engagement across all social platforms.

Results in Numbers

KPI Achievement within 2 Month:

Every set KPI was surpassed by the end of the campaign.

  • KPI for Facebook was achieved by 43% and followership grew to 60,943
  • KPI for Twitter was exceeded by 06% and followership grew to 18,899.
  • The goal on the number of unique visitor for com landing page were surpassed by 69.65% increasing conversion rate.
  • Quickteller Airtime Recharge video on YouTube exceeded KPI by 76% with a total of 28,584 views.
  • Quickteller Fund Transfer video on YouTube exceeded KPI by 47% with a total of 33,254 views.
  • Quickteller Cable TV video on YouTube exceeded KPI by 70% with a total of 28,452 views.
  • Quickteller Electricity video on YouTube exceeded KPI by 47% with a total of 33,237 views.
  • Over 3,762,920 impressions served over the 2months period


Web Stats (Towards campaign end)



The campaign offers a great example in knowing your audience and tailoring campaign strategies and communications to deliver engaging content through an innovative pathway and using the right channels that resonates with the consumers to deliver expected results for brands.

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