The world is Digitally Yours but you still have to take it. Get it right by mastery:


It is one thing to know, it’s another thing to survive The world is Digitally Yours but you still have to take it. This digital universe is vast and made up of many nano elements. If you are truly digital then you should know that you can have them all. But let’s start with five.

Powered by ADE Digital, Digitally Yours will be training and certifying 500 digital professionals, enthusiasts and wannabes in 5 core spectrums in marketing & strategy and product design.


The Nano Certifications will train participants in 5 core areas in both Marketing & Strategy and Product Design.

Marketing & Strategy

  • Digital Product marketing and adoption strategies for entrepreneurs
  • Social advertising for e-commerce, best practices and tricks for Nigerian market.
  • Master closer, sales presentation and strategies for digital entrepreneurs.
  • Content production and engagement secrets for digital marketing
  • Complete Guide to starting a Tech business in Nigeria
  • Call-to-Action (CTA) marketing: how to convert web traffic to sales
  • Viral Marketing: the art of creating content that customers will love and share
  • Personalized Marketing: the art of making a product personal to each individual

Product Design

  • Digital product design for non-designers
  • Becoming a consultant – framework for structuring and billing clients
  • Advanced email marketing - the do it yourself framework
  • Building a bot, no coding required
  • Building an app like Uber; everything you need to know
  • Making Money: Social media Content planning
  • YouTube channel setup for profits
  • How to collaborate with influencers and grow your business


Nano Certifications will take place over 5 days in September


  • There will be two (2) sessions on each of the days.
  • Morning sessions begin by 9am. Afternoon sessions start by 2pm.
  • Days: Fridays & Saturdays. September 14, 20 & 21, 27 & 28


The Preneur Centre, Lekki Phase 1

Lunch Break

There will be an hour lunch break between the two sessions

Class Cap

Each class accommodates a maximum of 50 students

Learning Materials

Students will have access to learning materials for each course

Certificate of Completion

Students will be awarded a Digitally Yours certificate at the end of the course


Here are the programme outcomes for participants by the end of the training.

For Product Design

  • Learn the foundations for creating great experiences that is user-focused
  • By the end of the training, participants would be able to design simple but great experience for any product/service and on any channel
  • Understand User Research and their goals; consider business goals and technical limitations and combine with user goals
  • Explore the elements of UX and its place within the development cycle
  • By the end of the course, participants would have created a paper prototype, understand planning, scripting and conduct usability sessions.

For Marketing & Strategy

  • Understand how to create, manage and implement advanced marketing strategies using targeted digital channels: Social Media, AdWords, PPC, display and remarketing
  • Learn how to consolidate the essential skills needed to manage and implement a digital marketing strategy for your organization
  • Understand key concepts like mobile, social media, email, and SEO
  • Learn how to collect and analyse user data and turn into actionable insights
  • Learn how to identify the right social media sites that best suits a brand, create great content and measure success



It’s the story of two co-founders with a ferocious desire to inspire the digital universe. They believe that the future can only get more digital.

Meet Michael Ebia and Samson Aligba co-founders of ADE Digital.

Michael embodies marketing strategy. He has made strategy art – it’s effortless and beautiful to watch.

Samson knows all the tricks in the book to designing a great product. With just a glance he will tell you why that idea will be a great product or not.

Michael and Samson will facilitate the training, bringing in a combined experience and knowledge of over 20 years.


The Preneur Centre, Lekki Phase 1


The training is powered by ADE Digital and sponsored by Jumia, Interswitch, and Sade


Key executives from sponsors will deliver brief and insightful talks about the courses in the training and how they find application in their industries.


The Nano Certifications training fee is N50,000 but a special 5th Anniversary Offer by ADE Digital makes it N25,000 (a 50% discount).

Special discount offers are also available for bulk registrations.